Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a Great Day!

Today was my jammie day...I was just going to hand around the house and maybe do some house work...or maybe not. Then I got a call from a good friend asking if I wanted to go shopping with her...YES!!!

So the plan was that she was coming into town (we live about 45 min apart), we would meet for lunch with her hubby and 3 kids. Her hubby was taking their kids to visit his dad at some property and he took Michaela with him...not only did I get to spend time with Laura we got to shop without kids!!

We had such a great time, we went into stores that are hard to shop in with kids. I love days like today, it was a surprise and totally not what I had planned...but it was great and just what I needed.

God knew I needed some time to myself, I needed to spend time with a friend and just enjoy myself..and I did!!


Org Junkie said...

Thanks for spending the day with me, I had such a great time too! What a blessing!

Mrs. Wilson said...

YAY for days shopping without kids!!!