Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Dog

This is Buddy, we've had him for just over 2 months now. He is a great little dog...however he has a few bad habits. First one is he barks, he barks when the cat gets away from him, he barks when he hears strange noises...he barks into thin air. I'm planning on getting a dog trainer to work on some of his issues...but the barking I'm going to take care of myself.

I bought a Citronella spray bark is the humane kind so no need to call PETA on me. When he barks he'll get a little spray (actually the spray goes away from his face), the sound and the scent is suppose to deter him from barking...I really hope this helps!!
Okay while I'm sitting here typing this he just barked at the cat...and it worked he stopped right away. So far so good!!


Org Junkie said...

Never heard of such a contraption, will it stop him from barking forever or just when he wears the collar do you think?

Jenny said...

Hopefully it doesn't stop him from barking forever...I've never heard of a mute dog. If that is the case...then we can call PETA!(loved your disclaimer!LOL)

Wani said...

I just saw the pix on the sidebar. What a cute picture of you and your beautiful daughter!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I used to have a dog (I was permanently dog sitting) and I had a shock collar on him. He was annoying. He was a bigger dog though, so he could handle it.

Cool idea! I hope he stops barking for you!