Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I became very familiar with nurses this past year. I didn't know how hard they worked and the responsibilities that they have.

I have always admired people who became nurses, these are people who do a job that I could never do. They care for people in the most vulnerable part of their lives. This year I spent 3 months staying with Ron in the hospital, I really got to see the amazing work that they do. They all cared so deeply for Ron...and for Michaela and me as well. They brought gifts in for Michaela, they did crafts with her...one even gave her a mani-pedi. A nurse even brought a double bed in for Michaela and I to sleep together...now that is caring.

They were with us all the way, they cried when Ron passed...they hugged and comforted me. I've became friends with some of the nurses...I actually went to lunch at one of their houses yesterday (actually she goes to our church as well).

I wish I could do what they do, I wish I had their compassion for people...sadly that isn't my gift. I have some good memories of my time spent in the hospital and the wonderful people that I met there...now that is how loving our Lord is.