Thursday, July 17, 2008

Its About Time

I thought that after posting about such a wonderful camping trip maybe I should post some now that I finally got them off my camera here ya go!

Our home away from home...the new (to us) tent trailer.

Inside the tent trailer of our dreams! To your right a your left a table and a bed...this ends the tour!

Camping crafts, during the not so nice days...

Beach time during the great days!!

Jiffy Pop popcorn...a camping staple, even the squirrels liked it.

Well there is a bit of our great camping journey...better late than never I guess!

Lately I've been busy getting my bathroom renovated, trying to get my house back in order and planning to go away next week for Ron's burial. I can't believe how quickly this summer is passing...where does the time go!! I will soon be posting pictures of my new bathroom (it is really the room of my dreams)!!

I will also be getting back on a schedule once I'm back from holidays, I am starting to feel a little less overwhelmed with life. I'm feeling like I need to take a bit more control of the things that I can control like my schedule and my home!!

Well I should get to bed now, I have quite a bit to accomplish tomorrow...touch up paint in my bathroom and finish laundry and bring my van to get serviced before the long drive and a family dinner for my nieces birthday!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home Again

Wow am I relaxed!!

I just spent a week with some very great friends, we just relaxed around fires, played games and watched our children run and play!

The start of my great camping adventure was quite dismal and rainy. Setting camp up in the rain leaves a lot to be desired...even Buddy the dog was looking at me with a "You are a complete idiot" look on his face. Even in the rain it wasn't too bad at all, we were able to sit under some tarps and ejoy the fire and each others company.

Thankfully God saw fit to give us a bit (I mean a lot) of sun!! It warmed up from about 8 - 10 degrees celcius to about 30!! We were able to enjoy the beach and catch some rays! The kids were able to get out the floaties and beach toys and play for hours!!

My new tent trailer is amazing (if I could figure out how to turn off the gas alarm it would be even better)!! With a bit of help I was able to get things all connected and now I think I'd be able to do it myself!! Backing the trailer into the carport was a bit of a challenge, thanks to my friend Tamara she was able to get it parked perfectly.

I now have a pile of laundry to get done and get a few things put away and then I'm ready for the next trip!!