Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What is Your Dream?

When I was at Breakforth one of the speakers spoke about our dreams...and how we should be living our dream. How we should be praying that God wants us to live our dreams...blah blah blah!

That is pretty much how I felt about the session. I've had dreams...heck I was even living my dream. Then it was taken from me, how do you dream again after that? One evening with my friends we were talking about our dreams...I told them that I don't have one. Why would I want to struggle to get where I'm living my dream and risk having the rug taken out from under me. My desire is to live in God's will, to be obedient to Him and to be a servent...does this require having a dream?

I think it is great the people have dreams for their lives and if they know that it is God's will for their lives then I think that is wonderful. For now I don't have one, right now I'm living where God desires me to be...I don't know what it will be tomorrow, next week or next month. I don't know if I'm just protecting myself from the pain that I've been through, but we had dreams, plans and all that...they changed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 Years Ago Today

February 19, 1999 I met the man of my dreams...I was out with a group of friends and he was out with another group of friends...I asked him to dance and the rest is history.

I've been kind of preparing myself for today, Michaela had school and I had to work. I've been feeling a bit off today because I'm wondering if this is where I'm suppose to be, am I doing what God wants me to be doing...this week I've been really working on making sure I'm living in God's will.

So I'm at my desk and my friend comes into the office, now this woman is an amazing woman of God. She is so beautiful inside and out...not that she would ever admit that she is gorgeous...but whatever! Anyway she came to me with a devotional book she was reading and showed me today's devotional written by a woman named Sandra P. Aldrich she lost her husband to brain cancer when he was 39...WOW.

This verse really spoke to me,

Your Maker is your husband - the Lord Almighty is his name - the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth Isaiah 54:5

So I'm reading this book and just started crying...not the nice little teary, the big sobbing ugly cry! This was just want I needed, I needed to feel that God was there with me, I needed to know that He is going to look out for me...but I also need to make sure that I am communicating with Him. I know that right now I'm where God wants me to be, I will trust him to guide my decisions, I will trust him to protect us and provide for us.

The crazy thing is that she didn't know what meaning this day had for me, she had no idea. God amazes me when He does things like this...He is so good!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dangers of Working at a School...

Oh now don't worry...I'm not talking about the obvious. No weapons, for me the danger is this little guy...
His name is Oreo, he was the class pet for one of our classes...unfortunately this class had a child that is allergic to pet hair (and apparently this includes rabbit hair). Now being the, oh what's the person...yeah that is it, caring person. I said that if no one else wanted to take the rabbit home I would take him...but if anyone came forward they could take him...and then I was off to Breakforth for the weekend. When I came back to work there was his cage...on my desk...excellent...

Now Michaela was pretty happy about this turn of well I was a little uncertain. His cage was way too small for this guy and I knew he would need a new one. I googled making a rabbit cage and came up with this beauty (here is the tutorial):
You know these wire cube storage things...well this is the first step. I picked up a couple of packages of these (they make 3 cubes per package)...

I also had a set of them assembled that I wasn't using anymore.

Get a package of these handy dandy zip tie things (I used just over 100 for this project).

Start connecting the squares, I made this one 3X3 on the front and 2X3 on the sides (make sense)?

Just keep attaching one square to the other....till you have all the walls (you can put a roof on it as well if you'd like...I did but only because I have a cat that I didn't want jumping in the cage).

Don't forget to leave an opening for the door (basically just attach one side of the centre column of squares...again I hope this makes sense)? I also had an extra cat house thing that fit perfect and there were two little hidey holes for Oreo...the top one is his favourite. I put in a couple of wooden dowels to support another level (he doesn't go up there much).
I made a little second level with the wire squares and attached one of those boot trays with a carpet piece on it.
See how much more space he has in this cage, it is perfect in the downstairs kitchen (my basement has a suite that we don't rent so this area was perfect). He just loves his new house, once spring comes around here I will be setting up a hutch for him in the back yard, there will be a bigger area for him to run in.
This project was so easy and not that expensive and the result is amazing, it is so easy to clean (of course he is litter trained...didn't even know you could do that).

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Oh my word did I have a crazy, wild and wonderful weekend!!!

I'm still recovering from this...

I went to a conference called Breakforth it was very powerful and convicting. There were so many people and amazing concerts, speakers and worship leaders. I got to listen to Erwin McManus, Wayne Cordeiro, John Eldridge. The worship leaders were Brenton Brown, Matt Maher, Paul Baloche and Brian Doerksen. I also got to see MercyMe and Michael W. Smith in concert. Quite a line up...and this isn't even the breakaway sessions!!

I left with my wonder friend Tamara on Friday, we got on our I'm not much of a flier so this is never my favourite part. We were delayed about an hour...because of that we missed our connecting flight. We were so praying that we would make a close flight...because MercyMe was playing that night and I soooo wanted to see them. We went to the flight that would be leaving only an hour later than our original flight....but we were told that it didn't look good. So we were formulating plans (okay so they may have including shopping in Vancouver). Praise the Lord we were called and we got on our flight!! We landed in Edmonton after a very rocky ride...not my favourite thing!

While we were waiting in vain effort for our luggage Tamara see a fellow holding a breakforth sight...we though maybe they were providing some sort of shuttle. So in our faint hope she went and spoke with him...sorry he was picking up some of Paul Baloche's people. So while we watch everyone else's luggage go drifting by we come to the obvious conclusion that ours didn't make it. But in that time the van driver came up to us and said that Paul Baloche's peeps are going in the limo with him so if we needed a ride he could take us...woohoo!!! So after reporting our delayed luggage (that should be delivered to our hotel tonight) we were on our way! I'm not even going to get into the mess they made of our luggage...lets just say I'm glad that I knew the hotel that the person whoes luggage I got was she got mine!!

Wow the crowd amazed this small town girl, going in for registration went very smoothly. I decided to head to our hotel and meet up with our friend who we hadn't seen in a while. Tamara said she would save our seats in the main session. I got to our hotel with only a little bit of phoning and getting lost...but Jen and I were on our way to Tam. Okay now for future reference when you are heading into a worship session asking asking your friend to raise their hands is not a great idea!! I had no idea there would be so many was awesome!!

The next little while was walking, walking, walking and more walking...while getting to listen to some amazing speakers in between. We had some great bonding time with each other, Tamara has a way of convicting me in ways that I'm laking in my relationship with the Lord.

The last day of the conference I had walked to my session and seriously the shoes that I can wear all day at work and such JUST DON'T CUT IT AT BREAKFORTH!! My plan was to either buy some Crocs or cut my feet off....I decided that shopping for Crocs would be less messy (and painful). I did find Crocs but actually found shoes that I liked better and they were on sale (yeah my cheap Scottish blood). They were awesome!! I was able to continue the adventure! Michael W. Smith was the last concert and he put on such a worshipful was so amazing to feel the Spirit in such a strong and meaningful way!

The next day we met up with my nephew Kevin and his friend Michael...seriously two of the funniest people I know!! I just love them so much! We had so much fun at the West Edmonton Mall! After that I finally got to eat at Olive Garden (once again a first for this small town girl)!!

Before we flew our the next afternoon (Tuesday at this point) we decided to do a bit more shopping on our way to the airport...gotta squeeze it all in! We made it in time for our flight to Vancouver and we had a bit of time there before our flight home...we were going for a bit of a walk and passed by a board that said our flight was cancelled!! WHAT!! We were told that our airport had some mechanical problems and they plans couldn't land there....we were going to fly into another airport and but home (this is a 2 hour flight...then a 2 hour bus ride)!! What a finish good thing I was with someone who makes me laugh and who I can joke and cry with.

I have been home for two days now and I can still feel the effects of the weekend...physically and spiritually!! I would do it again in a heartbeat, but this time I'd get my nephew to take time off so I could bring Michaela with me...I really don't like leaving her at home!! If you want to see some pictures go to Jen's site...I didn't bring my camera because it is way to big to haul around!