Monday, February 18, 2008

God is Good!!

God has been very good to me the last couple of days (okay, He is always good to me)!! But He has given me rest and great company the last couple of days.

Saturday, as written, was a great day, yesterday after church a good friend took Michaela for the afternoon. I was able to catch up on laundry and get some housework just seems so much easier when the house is empty. Today my sister came into town and we got to go for lunch and visit with each other, plus Michaela was happy because my niece came with her two kids...they are all the same age (yes I did say my niece's kids). I just got a message from a friend to go to her house for dinner tomorrow, her kids and Michaela all get along well...YES!!!!

We have had such a crazy winter and I'm so ready for it to end, we've had some very nice weather the last couple of days...that always helps. It is so good so feel a bit of spring!!

I have to do a craft this week for "Take a Break"...we're decorating a flower pot (I'm sure others need a bit of spring like me)!! So now I have to figure out how we'll decorate it and get the stuff.

Now I've got to get my stuff together for our Bible Study appy night...yeah food!!!

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