Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Day

Well I'm a little disappointed today, my sister was going to come here for a visit (she lives 45 min away) but we're having some serious snow and wind...kind of like a blizzard ...okay exactly like a blizzard. So I don't get to visit with her...but that is okay I'd rather wait to see her than worry as she is driving here.

I met with a realestate agent yesterday about selling my house and maybe either buy or building a new smaller went very well. So now I have a few things to do to the house...installing baseboards is the big one and then some painting and a bit of decluttering.

So now I'm going to make some chili and buns for supper, I have some friends who having been working pretty hard so I've told them to come over whenever and now I still get to visit with people that I love!!!


Mrs. Wilson said...

Oh how exciting! Too bad you weren't looking for a BIGGER house, because I know just the one for you ...

Jenny said...

It seems I haven't seen my parents for weeks!! I'd rather they stay safe at home!
Good news on selling and building a house! What a wonderful opportunity!
I'll be coming this Friday to take a break. See you on Wednesday.

Jenny said...

Happy Valentines Day Annie!!