Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What is Your Dream?

When I was at Breakforth one of the speakers spoke about our dreams...and how we should be living our dream. How we should be praying that God wants us to live our dreams...blah blah blah!

That is pretty much how I felt about the session. I've had dreams...heck I was even living my dream. Then it was taken from me, how do you dream again after that? One evening with my friends we were talking about our dreams...I told them that I don't have one. Why would I want to struggle to get where I'm living my dream and risk having the rug taken out from under me. My desire is to live in God's will, to be obedient to Him and to be a servent...does this require having a dream?

I think it is great the people have dreams for their lives and if they know that it is God's will for their lives then I think that is wonderful. For now I don't have one, right now I'm living where God desires me to be...I don't know what it will be tomorrow, next week or next month. I don't know if I'm just protecting myself from the pain that I've been through, but we had dreams, plans and all that...they changed.


Mrs. Wilson said...

Sweet Annie,

I'm so sorry that speaker made you hurt. But, I think that he wasn't so much talking about personal dreams - like a husband and family - as much as he was talking about career-type dreams - like going to college or writing a book or going over Niagara Falls in a barrel - I think that's more what his "Dream Speech" was aimed at.

I've had you on my mind a lot lately and I've been praying for you. I wish that I could come up there sooner to see you, but I'm SO happy that I got to see you a couple weeks ago.

I miss you and I love you.

Org Junkie said...

Hey girl, that is tough and I don't blame you for wanting to protect yourself. And while I know it's hard to dream for yourself right now, I do know you have dreams for your sweet girl and maybe that's just enough for right now.