Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened at Work...

Today I was working on doing an ad for the two major newspapers in our province. I was dealing with a woman in Calgary, we exchanged a few emails...she was so great to deal with!

We finished up our business and then she mentioned that she grew up in a town close to where I live...I grew up in the same town. I let her know that and let her know when I graduated...she graduated the same year! Turns out that I worked with her mother and we knew each funny is that.

It totally made my day...just having something like that happen really blessed me.

Yesterday I took Michaela skiing with the school, she wasn't too fond of it...okay she cried most of the time. She tried stayed in her lesson for about an hour when we decided she had done enough. Someone thought that maybe I should have skied as well...I said then we both would have been crying!!

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Mrs. Wilson said...

That's so cool!!

ps. I'd PAY to see you ski :)