Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dangers of Working at a School...

Oh now don't worry...I'm not talking about the obvious. No weapons, for me the danger is this little guy...
His name is Oreo, he was the class pet for one of our classes...unfortunately this class had a child that is allergic to pet hair (and apparently this includes rabbit hair). Now being the, oh what's the person...yeah that is it, caring person. I said that if no one else wanted to take the rabbit home I would take him...but if anyone came forward they could take him...and then I was off to Breakforth for the weekend. When I came back to work there was his cage...on my desk...excellent...

Now Michaela was pretty happy about this turn of well I was a little uncertain. His cage was way too small for this guy and I knew he would need a new one. I googled making a rabbit cage and came up with this beauty (here is the tutorial):
You know these wire cube storage things...well this is the first step. I picked up a couple of packages of these (they make 3 cubes per package)...

I also had a set of them assembled that I wasn't using anymore.

Get a package of these handy dandy zip tie things (I used just over 100 for this project).

Start connecting the squares, I made this one 3X3 on the front and 2X3 on the sides (make sense)?

Just keep attaching one square to the other....till you have all the walls (you can put a roof on it as well if you'd like...I did but only because I have a cat that I didn't want jumping in the cage).

Don't forget to leave an opening for the door (basically just attach one side of the centre column of squares...again I hope this makes sense)? I also had an extra cat house thing that fit perfect and there were two little hidey holes for Oreo...the top one is his favourite. I put in a couple of wooden dowels to support another level (he doesn't go up there much).
I made a little second level with the wire squares and attached one of those boot trays with a carpet piece on it.
See how much more space he has in this cage, it is perfect in the downstairs kitchen (my basement has a suite that we don't rent so this area was perfect). He just loves his new house, once spring comes around here I will be setting up a hutch for him in the back yard, there will be a bigger area for him to run in.
This project was so easy and not that expensive and the result is amazing, it is so easy to clean (of course he is litter trained...didn't even know you could do that).

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Hi bunny!!

You're too kind, Ann!