Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Day at Emerg.

Michaela has been sick this week, cold, cough...general winter stuff. This morning we went to church and she was feeling okay...her voice was still pretty raspy but she was doing fine. Then a few minutes into worship she comes to me crying so hard...her neck hurt. I thought that maybe she had twisted it and pulled the muscle or something so we sat for a bit and then I decided to take her home.

While I was in the church parking lot I called my sister (she is my go to gal when I need advice). So we decided that I should take her to emerg to have her checked out.

Apparently her glands are swollen and she has an infection, we were in there for 3 was a busy place for a Sunday morning. But now she is on her medicine and hopefully now she is on the road to recovery!!

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Org Junkie said...

Poor little Michaela. Hope she feels better soon!!