Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting in Control

Now for the last little while my life has been in total upheaval, I was learning how to be a single mother, dealing with a daughter who desperately missed her daddy and trying to keep it all together.

For a time with Michaela I was letting her get away with things, spoiling her with gifts, basically I was creating a brat! I would threaten her with consequences that weren't going to happen...she realized that.

I have a wonderful close friend who took me aside and told me that I'd better start reining her in because if I let it go too much longer I wouldn't be able to ever gain control. I love friends who can in love tell you the truth, she told me things that were the absolute truth...and I knew it. But not only that she helped me, she let me know what I was doing wrong...also what I was doing right.

Things have really changed, Michaela was longing for boundaries, she needed rules...she is flourishing with her new found limits. I'm so thankful that God has given me friends who can tell me the truth in a loving and kind manner. I'm so thankful that even though it isn't always easy I've been able to keep up with consequences for bad behaviour, and reward for good (who doesn't love being told that they are doing a great job).

While I still don't have it all together (and probably never will), I'm really starting to feel like my life is so much more manageable. I'm getting in my prayer time and studying God's word...that is always such a benefit!!!

Oh yeah and we didn't win the cruise, but that is okay...Tam and I are going to Breakforth in Edmonton...and meeting up with Jen there!!!

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