Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Can't Sleep

Oh my goodness I can't sleep!!!

It is 3am and here I am typing, reading and watching the news....

I should have known that this would happen, I had a little nap today...not a normal thing for me to do. Michaela was sick today so we both stayed home from school and well we cuddled on the couch and there I was napping...never a good thing!

Things have been pretty busy around here, we actually got our Christmas stuff up this weekend...yes that is right!! Outside and inside are all decked out for the season!

I love Christmas, although it is a bit of a bitter sweet holiday for me. In 2001 my mum suddenly passed away from a heart attack on December 21st, it was such a shock to my family because she hadn't even been sick. Then 5 years later on December 22nd Ron was diagnosed with a brain tumor...you'd kind of think that I would avoid this holiday.

It has such amazing meaning to me, the birth of our Saviour means that I will see both of them again. It means that I can assure my daughter that her daddy isn't too far away because he accepted Jesus as his saviour...we will all be together again. How can I not celebrate that. It is a great way to share this with Michaela, we have started traditions that keeps Ron a part of our celebration. Oh yeah and family, friends, food and shopping!!!


Annie said...

I just stopped by to say hello to a fellow Annie! How great that you have already decorated for Christmas... I'm no where close!

Annie said...

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