Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It has really been that long...

Wow I didn't realize that it has been that long since I posted...wow time sure gets away from me!

Of course I did have a trip to Disneyland in there as well, kind of an excuse.

We had an amazing time there, I just love visiting there...it is like being a kids and playing all day long!
We had a big group of us there, my two older sisters and some of their families...there were 15 of us in total!! It was so much fun and of course while we were there it was Michaela's birthday...so we had to do something different how about a Build a Bear party!!!

Things have been very busy around here since we got back. Back to school, work, getting the house in order, getting the yard in order...I'm ready for summer holidays!!!


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Look at your cute background! It's so pretty!!