Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My friends and I (along with our daughters) had an amazing weekend away together. We laughed (and giggled) a lot, we shopped, ate, swam and some even went down water slides (not me).

It was great to share so much fun with out girls, they got to see us being completely silly...and a times we were acting like we were teenagers (okay that isn't that rare). We did things like dancing out of restaurants, singing loudly, waving to lines of cars waiting in road construction lines (and one person even waved back)...we showed our girls that we aren't all about rules and regulations. We showed them that fun is everywhere, we did things that made other people smile (and I'm sure gave them a story to tell when they got home), we showed them that at any age we can be cool...or at least think we are!!

Now about the title of this post, my friends and I say seriously a lot...and I mean A LOT. It is a word that says so much with the tone, of course when you have 3 girls in the back of the van mocking you for this word...by saying it repeatedly...you know you've done a good job and had a good weekend!

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And can I just say how much I hated losing my warrior title..grr...next year it's on!!