Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life Happens

Well it has been a while since I posted...things have been pretty darn busy around here.

I'm loving working at Michaela's school, it is an amazing place. It is great to see a facility that really puts God first and is there because people have been obedient to God's calling. Michaela is really enjoying it and she is making new friends and loves learning (oh I pray that continues).

This weekend we have a Mother/Daughter trip planned with a couple of friends. We are going on a road trip to do some shopping and spend time with our girls...we are all so looking forward to it (plus the hotel has a great pool)!!

A couple of weeks ago our church had a EWoman Simulcast with some amazing speakers...loving where we do this is a great chance for us to hear these great women. My favourites were Angela Thomas and Thelma Wells...they both had some pretty amazing things to say. You could just see God's loving shining through these women and how His love got them through some pretty exceptional circumstances.

Well I hear laundry calling (and when it is actually calling then I'd better get down there)!!


Org Junkie said...

Road trip here we come, I'm looking forward to singing at the top of my lungs..he he.

Jenny said...

I wanted to go to the simulcast but my mom was in town and we were preoccupied(aka...sleeping in!LOL)
Let me know when the next one is!
Have a super fun road trip!! Sounds like fun!!