Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well I'm back from my vacation, it was actually quite nice. I didn't arrive until the day before we had planned Ron's Burial, I wanted to make sure that there wasn't any conflict...also once that part was over I knew I would be able to relax.

Ron's mom had the service that she had planned, Michaela and I didn't attend. We did go to to the cemetery before anyone one else arrived so we could be there when everyone arrived from the service. The headstone was beautiful and very well done...I'm so happy with how it turned out. My brother-in-law lead the graveside (even though Ron's mom had the Anglican minister there), Bert did a great job speaking about Ron's heart and his faith...I was very touched by it.

After that we went to a park for a luncheon that Ron's step mom had planned...I stayed for a bit then left. That was pretty much it, Ron's mom and his brothers wouldn't have anything to do with me or Michaela...that was fine and I feel completely done with them.

After that I had a wonderful time visiting with my family, relaxing and reading. My sister lives in a beautiful spot overlooking a beach and park. So much happens in this park, one night there was a movie played (ET). If they would have turned the big screen we could have watched it from her deck!! They even had an all day music even that we could listen to, my nephew brought Michaela and his two girls and they got to dance and enjoy some live music.

This was my view...gorgeous!!
My sister and I went to Spokane shopping for a couple of day, and now Michaela is completely set to start kindergarten (I think she has enough clothes for a few grades)!! We had so much fun, we were even able to catch a few hours of the Highland games there...we enjoy our Scottish heritage.
It felt good to come home and get things in order, I feel ready to start my life again. I almost feel like I've been on pause for the last year...I'm ready for move on now. Not that I will ever forget Ron or stop loving him, but I can't continue to live in the past.
Michaela starts kindergarten in a few weeks (YIKES), and I will be working part time at the school she will be attending...doesn't get much better than that!!
I hope to keep updating this blog more often than I have been...one of my plans anyway!!


Mrs. Wilson said...

Wow, you've been busy! I'm glad you got the headstone and grave-side service you wanted. I'm happy about that. I'm sorry that Ron's family is so horrid to you, that really sucks.

Talk to you soon!!

Jenny said...

I feel awful that Ron's family could be so horrible to you and their granddaughter!!
Glad you have some peace. Hope I get to see you around some time!
Big hugs!