Thursday, July 17, 2008

Its About Time

I thought that after posting about such a wonderful camping trip maybe I should post some now that I finally got them off my camera here ya go!

Our home away from home...the new (to us) tent trailer.

Inside the tent trailer of our dreams! To your right a your left a table and a bed...this ends the tour!

Camping crafts, during the not so nice days...

Beach time during the great days!!

Jiffy Pop popcorn...a camping staple, even the squirrels liked it.

Well there is a bit of our great camping journey...better late than never I guess!

Lately I've been busy getting my bathroom renovated, trying to get my house back in order and planning to go away next week for Ron's burial. I can't believe how quickly this summer is passing...where does the time go!! I will soon be posting pictures of my new bathroom (it is really the room of my dreams)!!

I will also be getting back on a schedule once I'm back from holidays, I am starting to feel a little less overwhelmed with life. I'm feeling like I need to take a bit more control of the things that I can control like my schedule and my home!!

Well I should get to bed now, I have quite a bit to accomplish tomorrow...touch up paint in my bathroom and finish laundry and bring my van to get serviced before the long drive and a family dinner for my nieces birthday!!


txmomx6 said...

Hi Annie.
I've just spent the last hour reading through your blogs. I am so sorry for the pain you and your precious daughter have had to bear. I know this month will be difficult for you .... well, I can only imagine how difficult.
You are an amazing woman .... and you ARE a wonderful example for God.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments. I'm always glad to make new friends ... especially women who walk next to me.

Lisa said...

Hello Annie, I came across your blog via Janines - my prayers are with you in this difficult journey. I lost Ron - Ronnie to me almost two years ago and your blog is just soooo familiar, the heartache, the anger, the need to find a new routine in your life - I'm very much still working on that!! And of course God's hand in our journey. His calm and reassuring hand on my shoulder guiding me forward is all that has kept me going some days. I hope with all my heart that your trip to the in-laws and the burial went as well as it could. Ronnies ashes are in my living room with a little glass angel on them and a copy of 'footsteps in the sand' next to with you there :)
Love and prayers for you and your little one. Lisa

Mrs. Wilson said...

Yay! Pictures!!

I hope you and Michaela have a good trip down. I hope that you feel peace as you bury Ron and that there is no drama with the mothers.

We miss you!!!