Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sweet Friends

Okay after my very sad and rough week...things got very good.

God just knew that I was feeling overwhelmed with life and all the things that I need to get done. I have to paint my basement suite before new carpet gets installed next Tuesday, my lawn needed to get ready for spring...just a bunch of stuff that I really didn't know how I was going to do it. At Bible study on Monday my very good friend just announced that on Tuesday there would be a work party at my a group of people showed up and got so much done!!! We started painting, ripping out carpet, lawn raked, shed cleared out...they even put training wheels on Michaela's "new to her" bike. God is so good...I went to bed feeling so great (but really really sore)!!!

I'm still painting downstairs, but most of it is done...I love my friends!! I've also decided (with the encouragement of my very good friend) that I MUST get more disciplined in my devotional life, it really is what I need to do to draw closer to the Lord.

I'm also now getting ready for Michaela's birthday party this Saturday (a little earlier than her actual birthday). We are having a pool party, I've got the pool booked so it should be fun!! I've started her goody bags and I think I'll go shopping tonight to get some snacks and stuff.

Well I should get myself together for an Epicure party tonight!


Mrs. Wilson said...

It was SO much fun helping you out! I wish we could do that every week!

Org Junkie said...

Well how totally cool was that! What a blessing and I'm sure a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. I too need to be more disciplined with my devotionals, please feel free to kick me in the pants anytime!

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

fyi...i've added you to my blogroll...i think you have a story to tell that people should hear. *elizabeth