Saturday, March 29, 2008

Save the Drama for your Mama

Yes I haven't posted lately...drama would be why. I don't understand why, if I don't have a husband anymore, I still have to deal with in laws!!

We are planning to bury Ron's ashes this summer in the town where he grew up...and this is where the drama begins. Ron's mom would like another full service, I can't handle one so I say just a graveside service with some people speaking and then a get together afterward. But I've also said if they would like to do a service, I'm okay with that but I can't be a part of it...far too emotional.

Well now she is doing her own service with Ron's brother...oh yeah and they wont be at the burial. I can't believe I'm dealing with this garbage...seriously!!

Anyway I've told them all how I feel and that I'm finished discussing it, I didn't want to sound harsh or play the "wife" card...but I'm not letting others push me around for their own agendas. She has been doing that lately and I'm starting to see through it now.

On to better things...WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!! Yes Michaela and I...oh yeah and my 22 year old nephew are going away at the end of May to the happiest place on earth. I think I've earned it!!


Mrs. Wilson said...

Oh man ....


Jenny said...

Oh man is right...
I'm sorry you have to deal with this Annie!
And like Jen said again(I guess I could have said "ditto!")
Yee haw(I've adlibbed a little Jen) for Disneyland!!!

It's All Good! said...

It's too bad you have to deal with that after all you and your daughter have been thru. It's good you're holding your ground. God bless.

SueakaNana said...

Hi Anne, Woohoo Disneyland, how much fun is that going to be and yes you girls deserve it thats for sure!!!! Way to as the other lady said "stand your ground" Have a great day and is the sun out there yet, its trying here?? Loving the weather that is starting to come our way, about time right. Take care ok. Sue.