Monday, January 7, 2008

From Princess to Butterfly

My little girl is growing up...far too quickly!!!

I am changing her bedroom from a pink princess bedroom to a purple butterfly room. I'm so excited about it, I've just bought a new loft bed, dresser, bookshelf...all the cool stuff I never had when I was a child. Sometimes I worry that I spoil her...and I probably do, but really it will be such a cool room!!

Now the hard part...I have to do this all by myself (well Michaela did say she would help paint)! I'm just avoiding clearing the room out right now, getting it all ready and cleaned so we can start painting tomorrow (between swimming lessons and skating). I have boarder to put up, new blinds and curtains to hang and some flower stick ups...oh yeah and all of the furniture needs to be assembled. I even bought a new cordless screwdriver today in anticipation (I know Ron has a cordless drill around here somewhere but I haven't come across it yet)!!

Well I guess all that stuff isn't going to get up and walk out of the bedroom, so off I am to begin the task of giving her the coolest room ever!!!


Org Junkie said...

Take some before and after pictures for me! Can't wait to see it, wish I was there to help you :(

JGutfreund said...

One thing you might do is to let her help with the final decorating and paint a little spot on the wall just for her. Kind of an abstract section. It's amazing how excited they get when they're allowed to "help" :-)

"One day at a time...Sweet Jesus"

Mrs. Wilson said...

I can't wait to see it!